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Rates: I offer most of my services at reasonable packaged rates, rather than billing you by the hour. I find that our relationship works best when we both know exactly what to expect and we can focus on your needs without worrying about whether a discussion, email or phone call will be "billable" or not.

Jay Roadarmel, Esq is a California attorney and offers the following services for residents of the State of California. Jay is a 1993 graduate of the UC Davis School of Law.

Wills - A carefully prepared document outlining your specific plan for distributing your assets and personal property in the event of your death, and for making provisions for your children and/or pets.


Living Trusts - A trust set up to organize and collect your assets with instructions on how to distribute those assets. Living trusts offer several advantages over wills. The most cited benefits are the avoidance of Probate and the ability to keep your distribution from becoming a public record upon your death.


Probate Assistance - Probate is a court-supervised process of locating and valuing the assets owned by an individual who has died ("decedent"). Probate continues with paying the decedent's final bills and taxes (if any), and then distributing what's left of the assets to his or her heirs.


Advance Healthcare Directive - A document choosing who you would like to make decisions about your healthcare should you become incapacitated, and what your wishes are for your care in such a situation.  


Power of Attorney - A document choosing who you would like to make decisions about your finances and legal matters should you become incapable of making those decisions. There are a few versions of Power of Attorneys and we can discuss what is best for your situation.


Free Photo Portrait, included with most services - I enjoy photography and will offer to take a high-quality 8x10 portrait of you (or you and your partner). This photo may be kept with your will or trust, or shared with family and friends.